Off The Streets (OTS) was founded in Danbury, CT by Deacon Michael Oles – author of Help the Homeless Off The Streets, One Person at a Time. Deacon Mike is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and Roman Catholic Deacon, volunteering for over 34 years to help the homeless. OTS has expanded to six locations across the country, in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Over 4,000 Homeless and near homeless have been successfully housed nationally since 2009.


Deacon Kevin Moore, founded the Bridgeport, CT chapter, Off The Streets Bridgeport (OTSB). He had a passion for expanding the OTSB reach to help the homeless and near homeless in Bridgeport and Fairfield County. Upon his untimely death in June 2019, Gerard F. Agoglia, CPA volunteered to carry on this legacy as the Managing Director of OTSB.

  • 450 + Homeless and near-homeless successfully housed since 2014.
  • 80 Households have received furniture donations since 2014.
  • 84 Homeless individuals (35 households) were provided security deposit assistance in 2022 of which: 16% male; 36% female, and 48% children.