2020-2021 Annual Report


  • 90 individuals placed into housing
  • $38,151.22 in donations

First Quarter 2020 (January 1 – March 31, 2020)

On March 17th, Deacon Don Ross and Gerard Agoglia responded to an email from the Deacon’s Office of the   Bridgeport Diocese advising of their willingness to volunteer their services and assume the operating        leadership of the Bridgeport, Fairfield, Trumbull Chapter of Off the Streets (“OTSBFT”) following the passing of the Chapter’s founder, Deacon Kevin Moore in June 2019.

Second Quarter 2020 (April 1 – June 30, 2020)

On May 21st, the Corporate Board of Directors of Off The Streets, Inc. appointed Don and Gerard to serve as Managing Director and Co-Director, respectively, of OTSBFT.

In June, we reconvened the membership for our first meeting via Zoom and began the process of reorganizing the chapter activities in response to the Covid pandemic.

In June, the chapter was the grateful recipient of a $6,000 donation from the Bridgeport Rotary Club through the gracious generosity of the Chapter President.  In June, we simplified the Chapter name to “Off The Streets – Bridgeport” (“OTSB”) in order to center its operational focus on the largest Connecticut city.

Third Quarter 2020 (July 1 – September 30, 2020)

In July, we received a $5,000 grant from TJX Corporation. We updated our bank account signatories and relocated the Chapter business office to St. Stephen’s Parish, 6948 Main Street, Trumbull, with the support blessings of Pastor Rev. Christopher Samele.

Throughout the Covid summer of 2020, Chapter members met regularly over Zoom. Two IT tech graduates of Fairfield University and members of the Chapter completely upgraded the OTSB website to www.otsbridgeport.com and assigned all members with standard and unique OTSBridgeport.com email addresses. Finally, we completely redesigned the candidate application form and landlord lease security rider and posted it on the website so all social service agencies could readily access it for potential client assignments.

On September 1st, we made our first 2020 placement of a young mother and daughter in Ansonia, CT.

Additionally, in September, we reviewed the mission objectives of OTSB, via a Zoom presentation, with the Bridgeport Rotary, Supportive Housing Works, and the Bridgeport YMCA. Also, in September, the work of OTSB was featured on Channel 12 News and again in December. Our Fundraising Committee solicited and received donations from Turnpike Spirit Shop, Merrill Lynch, and monthly $25 gift card donations from BJ’s.

We approached students at Sacred Heart University and also Fairfield University’s Dean of Student Activities requesting community support from their respective undergraduate student bodies.  We contacted the Accounting and Finance departments at each University seeking to obtain student volunteers specifically to assist with the preparation of grant applications. We are happy to say, two exceptionally dedicated and talented students volunteered, one from each University, who completed and filed two grant applications each with the strong support and guidance of the Grant Committee Chairperson. 

Off The Streets Bridgeport News 12 Interview – September 2020

Fourth Quarter 2020 (October 1 – December 31, 2020)

In October, we presented OTSB in a Zoom call to Beth-El Center in Milford and in November, we met with Catholic Charities and Sister Eileen Boffa in an effort to solicit additional social services support.

For the calendar year ended December 31, 2020, OTSB placed 8 families (23 individuals). The average housing security deposit was approximately, $1,846.  Two of the assisted families were previously displaced by fire.

First Quarter 2021 (January 1 – March 31, 2021)

For the first quarter ended March 31, 2021, OTSB placed 8 families (21 individuals). The average housing security deposit was approximately $1,078. Three families were previously displaced by fire.

Conclusion (March 2020 – March 2021)

OTSB placed 16 families (44 individuals). The average housing security deposit was approximately, $1,462. Of the 16 families placed, 5 families had lost their homes due to fire. Finally, as a result of the previously filed grant applications, Aquarion donated $500.

Subsequently, Fairfield Rotary donated $1,750 and Westport Rotary donated $1,000. We are hopeful to expand and continue our successful grant writing programs with each University.